Make the best serum in this easy way

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Forget the expensive products, the skin will glow only with the torn milk, make the best serum in this easy way

Homemade Face Serum: The method of skin care is completely different in the rainy season. In this season, sometimes it becomes very hot or humid and sometimes the coldness increases. Sometimes you sweat and sometimes you get goosebumps because of the cold. In such a situation, it is inevitable for the skin to come under stress. Due to rain, it is not easy to go to a beauty parlor for every need. In such a situation, you are forced to do skin care at home. Suppose you do not have your favorite cream at home, what will you do? In such times, milk can be useful for you. All you have to do is to tear the milk kept in the house or if it is torn milk then it has to be used properly. Let us tell you the easy way to make this free serum.

Easy way to make lace serum

To make this serum, you need a cup of raw milk, half a lemon, a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of glycerin, and a pinch of salt.

Make face serum like this

Now first of all you have to curdle the milk to make face serum. For this, keep the milk boiling on the gas. When the milk starts boiling, add lemon juice to it and mix. Milk will curdle. Take the curdled milk on a strainer and filter it. You do not have to use thick parts of the milk. Instead of that you have to take water of torn milk. Add glycerin, turmeric, and salt to it. Understand that the face serum is ready. Fill it in a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge.

How to use and benefits

To use this serum, it is necessary to have a clean face wash. Wash your face well. Take a few drops of serum in your hand and massage your face. Keep massaging with light hands. Massage from face to neck, until the serum is well absorbed into the skin. The water of curdled milk present on the skin will hydrate it well. While glycerin, turmeric will brighten the skin with the properties of anti-oxidants. Salt will remove the dead skin present on the skin.